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This revolutionary technology combines two specific wavelengths of laser produce a new tool for the art and science of liposuction. It will gently melt fat and tighten overlying skin under local anesthesia in an office setting. Bruising, swelling, pain, and recovery are much improved over standard liposuction. Early SmartLipo™ systems were frankly underpowered because they were marketed to physicians without liposuction training. In fact, many were not even trained as surgeons, let alone plastic surgeons. The MPX™ system (premiered at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's 41st Annual Meeting May 2-6, 2008 in San Diego, CA) is sold only to plastic surgeons and has seen a significant power increase over previous models. This system offers shorter operative times, enhanced comfort, and markedly improved results. Because of the increase in power, it should only be used by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.


Smartlipo MPX™ utilizes tiny cannulas of 1-2 mm to provide the laser energy to the fat under the skin. Fat is dissolved in an efficient but predictable and comfortable manner. The results are smooth and produce less bruising than traditional liposuction because the laser also seals the blood vessels. The fat melts away while the patient talks with staff, listens to music, or takes a snooze. Patients walk in and walk out and no General Anesthesia or IV sedation is used. The entrance sites are often so small that sutures are not required.


Post-operative recovery is minimal and most people return to work in 1-3 days. A post-operative compression garment is also worn to reduce swelling for about 2 weeks. Dr. de Ramon is the only Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in all of Central Pennsylvania to offer the benefits of SmartLipo MPX™ to his patients.


There are many things to consider before having SmartLipo™ or SmartLipo MPX™


During a consultation, Dr. de Ramon will discuss your concerns, obtain a medical history & physical exam, review the procedure, and answer questions. He will then be able to discuss if you're a candidate for SmartLipo MPX™ , traditional liposuction, or an alternative procedure. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. de Ramon has a specially trained patient care coordinator on staff to offer personal care throughout the procedure. Once all the decisions are made, the surgery can take place and you are on your way to a more sculpted, toned figure.


BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane®, Perlane®, Sculptra®, and Radiesse® are injectible materials which can improve the look of the eyes, forehead, mouth, peri-oral, peri-ocular and facial wrinkles. They last variable lengths of time and work by various mechanisms.


BOTOX® Cosmetic and BOTOX® are the same purified protein used to relax facial muscles so they no longer contract with such force, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles for 3-4 months. Dr. de Ramon has 10 years of experience using "botox" as it was commonly known prior to its trademark. As a plastic surgeon with intimate knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. de Ramon is able to selectively weaken certain facial muscles to minimize wrinkles without "freezing" your face into a motionless expression. He can shape your eye brows, lift your eye brows, correct asymmetry, or just erase the scowl between your eyebrows. The medicine is placed using Micro needles in the office. The results are visible after only a few days to a week and results may last 3-4 months. The manufacturers of BOTOX® have spent millions of dollars advertising this drug raising its cost and promoting the claim that any doctor can inject it. Dr. de Ramon believes patients are best served by having BOTOX® injected only by a board certified plastic surgeon who is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


Restylane® is a cosmetic dermal filler which restores volume to skin to correct wrinkles. It is a non-animal based form of hyaluronic acid which virtually eliminates risk of allergic reaction. Restylane® can also be used for lip enhancement to improve the appearance and fullness of the lips. Results from Restylane® injections can last 6-18 months depending on the location of injection, the number of injections, and the experience of the injector. Dr. de Ramon believes patients are best served by having Restylane® injected only by a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Juvederm® is also available for injection upon patient request.


Perlane® is the same hyaluronic acid as Restylane® but in a larger molecular form. It seems to last longer and fills better especially in the nasolabial creases. Both products work well but are highly dependent on the injector for outcome. This is true in regard to how long the products last, how much correction is seen, and in the bruising that patients experience. Dr. de Ramon believes patients are best served by having Perlane ® injected only by a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


Radiesse® is another option which lasts 12-15 months. Patients have seen excellent results with this product which can be used for nasolabial creases. As with all injectibles, there are many variables that impact results.


Sculptra Harrisburg, PA

Sculptra® is a subcutaneous injectible (not a dermal filler) filler used to correct fat atrophy frequently seen in aging faces. Faces looking drawn or sunken may benefit greatly and be rejuvenated with a series of Sculptra injections. This is a new concept in facial rejuvenation that has gained widespread acceptance. Fat grafting is one option, but Sculptra® allows more predictability, greater simplicity, and no donor site. It easier to repeat as necessary, last for years and has been proven to stimulate new collagen production. Clinical experience is accumulating, but it appears to last 5 years or more. Used to augment or fill the cheeks and the lower eyelid/cheek junction may be an alternative or complimentary to lower eyelid surgery and the fill generated will pull the skin up lessening nasolabial creases, folds, and jowls. For people with deflated and wrinkled faces, Sculptra® can be used to provide a "liquid facelift" without surgery, yet still offer profound results.