Working with all age patients and varied reconstructive and cosmetic issues to restore both the function and form of the human body.

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Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon : Dr. DeRamonPlastic Surgery is a wonderful specialty that seeks to restore both the function and form of the human body. It encompasses patients of all ages and varied reconstructive and cosmetic issues.


At de Ramon Plastic Surgery Institute, I wish to provide patients state of the art plastic surgery and cosmetic services utilizing clinically proven and reliable procedures. I offer procedures only after peer reviewed data proves their efficacy. I won't offer fad procedures that haven't been peer reviewed. Just because a procedure is new, it doesn't mean it's safe or that the result of the procedure will last very long. Especially in plastic surgery, new procedures are always being developed, but some are abandoned because the effect is transient or unanticipated issues show up after a while, or because they prove to be inferior. Instead I offer procedures and services that are well accepted by the plastic surgical community at large.


This means a strong commitment to lifelong learning and constant attendance of conferences. I attend 2-4 out of town conferences per year, read two monthly plastic surgery journals, discuss cases with colleagues weekly, read textbook constantly, attend webinars, read online journals, view surgery online and on DVD's, and constantly stay immersed in plastic surgery. I love it. It's my full time hobby.


Just as important as what we do, is how we do it. We provide the very best plastic surgical care in a friendly, confidential, and professional atmosphere. During your consultation, you will find my explanations are clear and educational. I provide you with reliable and current information about the procedures you're contemplating. I encourage questions. This way you can make a fully informed decision.


At surgery, the procedures are performed with meticulous attention to detail. My focus is the result and my goal is to deliver superb results consistently. While some surgeons take pride in the speed of their surgeries, I take pride in the results.


Postoperatively, my goal is to be available to you should you have questions or problems. I will see you as frequently as necessary to ensure a smooth recovery.


This care philosophy has helped me obtain great results and unparalleled patient satisfaction.


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