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Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The "Gummy Bear" is the latest generation silicone implant that provides a more natural "tear-drop" look compared to other silicone options. Also termed, "form stable" these implants contain more cross-linking in the silicone gel than earlier models which makes them more cohesive and able to maintain their shape. This means silicone implants are no longer liquid silicone, but partially solid. The term "Gummy Bear" describes this silicone characteristic.


Some advantages of silicone include less palpability of the implant edge, a more natural feel and look, and less likelihood of feeling or seeing wrinkles in the implant. Also, because they are all textured, there is some evidence to suggest that the patient's risk of developing a capsular contracture around the implant could be lessened.


Disadvantages include potential rotation of the implant in which case the thicker part of the implant may distort the breast's shape. Because the gel is thicker, a slightly longer incision to insert them is often necessary. Some women disapprove of the gel's consistency. Also, form stable implants share risks common to all breast implants including rare cases of infection, bleeding and implant rupture.


During your consultation , Dr. de Ramon will review the pros and cons of both silicone and saline implants.



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