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Our eyes can be our most revealing feature since they draw people’s attention and express our emotions. Unfortunately, heredity and aging can greatly impact the appearance of our eyes, so that they do not always reflect the way we feel. Upper eyelid skin may start to hang and impair vision. Patients are often told they look tired or angry due to this excess skin. For women, it may be more difficult to wear eye makeup.  The lower eyelids may also develop loose, wrinkled or sagging skin or may develop bags or have fat deposits which make people look tired, angry or sad. Fat pads are often hereditary and are seen in patients of all ages.

Eyelid surgery for Harrisburg patients, performed on the upper and/or lower lids, can remove excess skin, re-drape tissue and remove or reposition fat to reveal a more youthful and rested appearance.  In some cases, an eyelid lift is done in conjunction with a brow lift or a facelift. Other non-surgical options may compliment an eyelid lift such as Botox®, Restylane®, Voluma XC® or laser treatments.  In some cases, a filler can even postpone the need for a lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

Am I a good candidate for eyelid lift surgery?

Patients in the Harrisburg, PA region who undergo eyelid lift surgery are usually between the ages of 45-75. However, due to hereditary issues, some patients need this procedure at a younger age. Patients typically have extra upper/lower eyelid skin, hooding of skin in the upper eyelid or enlarged fat pads (usually the lower eyelids).  Patients must be in good overall health, be non-smokers and not suffer from dry eye. In addition, allergies must be well controlled.  Dry eye patients require a more conservative approach.

What is recovery like?

Many patients undergoing eyelid lift surgery can have the procedure performed under local anesthesia in our in-office surgical suite. Patients are given medication for pain and relaxation and are quite comfortable during surgery. The procedure can also be performed as an outpatient at West Shore Surgery Center in Mechanicsburg, PA for those who don’t want to be awake for the procedure. Patients should plan to take 5-7 days off work and should be fully recovered in 3-4 weeks. Patients experience mild pain and swelling, but most say the discomfort is minimal. Some bruising is common.

Dr. de Ramón has a specially trained medical staff to offer personal care throughout the recovery process. Post-op patients are also given his personal cell phone number to contact him in case of problems or questions.

What is the cost of eyelid lift surgery?

Eyelid lift surgery is frequently considered a cosmetic surgery procedure. For patients who have the surgery in our in-office surgical suite, the cost is between $3100-3500 for upper lids and $2900-3300 for lower lids. Insurance sometimes covers upper eyelid surgery in Harrisburg PA if a patient has visual field problems. This is determined by a simple test performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Pre-determination is required prior to scheduling surgery, and our billing office or surgical coordinator will assist with determining coverage through insurance.  Lower eyelid lift surgery is only covered for patients suffering from an “ectropion or entropion”, frequently associated with advanced age and extreme tissue laxity.

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