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Croton Oil/Hetter Peel

The Croton oil peel or Hetter peel is a great peel that can produce even more dramatic improvement in skin texture, tone, skin tightness and wrinkles. It improves sun damage and brown spots as well. Its depth can be varied from medium to deep depending on a patient's recovery time and specific needs. Deeper peeling results in a greater degree of improvement but also requires greater recovery time. This is a specially formulated peel based on recent publications and research. The croton oil peels require 5-10 days of recovery depending on the depth of the peel. This peel dramatically improves wrinkles and tightens skin. It can be performed under general anesthesia or in the office with oral sedation. Dr. de Ramon will show before and after pictures to see what can be achieved. The improvement can be dramatic. The improvement attainable from a croton oil peel is unparalleled by any laser.



There are many things to consider prior to having a Croton oil chemical peel.


During a consultation, Dr. de Ramon reviews your medical history, discusses your concerns and goals and performs a physical exam. There is opportunity for questions and an explanation of the procedure(s). A second consult is recommended for final questions and to discuss the risks of treatment. Insurance does not cover chemical peels since it is considered a cosmetic procedure designed to improve appearance. Patients should expect to spend 7-10 days off work, have crusting, swelling and peeling for 1 week. After that makeup can be applied and patients are able to return to work.



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