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Thigh Lift (Inner or Outer), Buttock Lift

With the health concerns and social issues surrounding obesity and weight problems in this country, more people are losing dramatic amounts of weight through diet, exercise and/or bariatric surgery. Regardless of the method, losing massive amounts of weight can leave your skin sagging and loose. If you have problems with loose skin of your thighs and buttocks or are concerned about the disproportionate look of your body because of these areas, then surgical thigh lift and/or buttock lift may be a good choice. In general, a thigh lift allows Dr. de Ramon to remove excess skin and remaining fat from both inner and outer thighs. A buttock lift tightens the skin at the base of the buttocks and removes excess skin and fat. The results can be dramatic offering a smoother contour and the ability to wear clothes that fit well. This surgery is very rewarding after patients have worked hard to lose weight, and it can help enhance your body image and your self-esteem. Newer approaches to the inner thighs integrate laser lipolysis such as the Smartlipo MPX to dissolve fat and tighten skin in patients whose skin doesn't justify skin excision or to incorporate liposuction with a thigh lift to address both excess fat and excess skin.


There are many things to consider prior to thigh lift or buttock lift surgery.


During the consultation, Dr. de Ramon reviews your medical history, discusses your concerns and goals and performs a physical exam. There is opportunity for questions and an explanation of the procedure(s) that will meet your needs. A second consult is recommended for final questions and to discuss risks of surgery. Recovery from thigh lift or buttock lift usually consists of 5-7 days off work and another 4-6 weeks of restrictions on exercise and heavy lifting.


In recent years, insurance companies have changed their policy about coverage of thigh lifts or indeed any procedure which removes excess skin. These procedures are no longer considered medically necessary, and therefore they are cosmetic surgery performed for an improvement in appearance.


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