Breast Reconstruction

Am I a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy?

If you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer and have a resulting breast absence, breast deformity, or asymmetry then you are most likely a candidate for reconstruction.

During a consultation, Dr. de Ramón will review your history and operative notes (please forward these to our office prior to your appointment) and examine you.  A discussion of the reconstructive options will then take place based on all of the above and your preferences.  The pros and cons of various reconstructive options will be reviewed.  Dr. de Ramón and your breast surgeon and oncologist will work together to be sure you are a candidate for reconstruction.  The best candidates for breast reconstruction are otherwise healthy, a non-smoker and of normal body weight.

What is the recovery like?

Most women have breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy as an outpatient. Pain is controlled with oral medication, long-acting local anesthetic placed during surgery and rest. Most women take 2 weeks off work for recovery. Normal activity can be resumed after six weeks. Each patient recovers differently, so Dr. de Ramón will work closely with patients to determine the time for the return to work.  Dr. de Ramón has specially trained medical staff to offer personal care throughout the recovery process. Post-op patients are also given his personal cell phone number to contact him in of concerns or questions.

What is the cost of breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer treatment is covered by all health insurance plans as are procedures on the other breast to restore and achieve symmetry.  Dr. de Ramón’s specially trained patient care coordinator will work with you to obtain coverage for the procedure. Out-of-pocket costs to a patient may be in the form of co-insurance or deductibles.

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