Whether your goal is enhancement or to relieve a variety of symptoms which can limit your quality of life, it's time to feel more beautiful, sexy, and confident!

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Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures

Whether you're a woman who would like to change the size and shape of her breasts or a man who would like to change the shape of his chest, Dr. de Ramon can help. Enjoy the transformation of a new you that is confident, sexy and beautiful.


Breast Augmentation

Perhaps you feel that your breasts are too small, or maybe you are self-conscious from a decrease in breast volume due to weight loss or breastfeeding. A Breast Augmentation procedure, which uses saline or silicone implants to enlarge and shape the breasts, can give you the look you have always dreamed of.


Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Are you looking for a firm, more contoured alternative to traditional breast implants? We offer the revolutionary Gummy Bear Implants from sientra. These implants have just been approved by the FDA and offer a different look and feel from traditional implants.


Breast Lift-Mastopexy

Mastopexy is a procedure that raises the breasts and repositions the nipples. Restore the look of youthful breasts and appear years younger in your clothes. If you have small to medium-sized breasts, have a stable body weight and are finished nursing, Dr. de Ramon can help you look and feel younger.


Breast Reduction-Reduction Mammoplasty

If you are a woman with overly large breasts, you may be considering a breast reduction to improve your quality of life. A breast reduction procedure removes excess breast tissue to reduce the size of your breasts and make them in proper proportion to the rest of your body. Many patients have experienced dramatic improvements in shoulder, neck and back pain.


Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

Although believed by many to be rare, gynecomastia, which is a Greek term meaning "women-like breasts" actually occurs in up to 60 percent of males. If you are a man who feels self-conscious about his appearance, male breast reduction surgery can remove the excess tissue and give you a flatter, firmer chest.


Breast Reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy can be a traumatic experience for any woman. If you have had one or both breasts removed, Dr. de Ramon can help regain your previous breast size through breast reconstructive surgery. He will work with your general surgeon, your oncologist and you to determine your best surgical options.